Jason Forrest, M.A.

Humanities Teacher

Originally from a small town near Binghamton, New York, Jason Forrest, M.A., has worked in education for the past decade, as a teacher of English and Language Arts for middle and high school students, a tutor of writing, humanities and physical science for writing and learning centers, and as a designer for corporate education programs. He holds a Master of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in rhetoric and the teaching of writing, from Texas Woman’s University and a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University, where he graduated summa cum laude. While he enjoys working with students from all backgrounds, he especially values the role he plays for students in recovery. He loves helping students rediscover that learning can be fun and interesting while helping them unlock their full academic and personal potential. When not teaching, Jason can be found playing guitar and riding long boards. He has won awards for speed and distance skating, most notably from the Century Club Award for skating 150 miles in 24 hours at the Miami Speedway for a special event held in 2016.

The Goodale School team is happy to speak with you to determine if our program is the right fit for your son or client. For information, please contact Stacy Barnard, Director of Admissions and Marketing at (828) 220-0040, ext. 2240 or email Stacy.Barnard@GoodaleSchool.org.

75 Zillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801
The Goodale School is affiliated with Monarch, a leading statewide provider of services to thousands of people with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. The organization is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.
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