our approach.
At The Goodale School and Recovery Community, our goal is not simply to change behavior, but to create a foundation for recovery that will last a lifetime. We support each student’s unique process of healing in an environment that helps prepare him for the future.
Evidenced-Based Treatment, Real-Life Recovery
Our program incorporates evidence-based treatment practices which directly address complex substance use and co-occurring disorders. Through clinically-sound treatment plans, we address each student’s specific needs and the areas that have had the greatest impact on his health and well-being.
Woven into the experience at The Goodale School is also a real-life recovery model which helps students identify the everyday situations that may challenge, tempt and frustrate them. In this context, students acquire the coping, decision-making and effective communication skills needed to face day-to-day challenges. With the support of staff and fellow students, they have a safe space to practice those skills as they learn how to navigate real-life situations.

This real-life recovery model helps students develop a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence to understand situations that may have caused them problems in the past and provides them with practical alternatives for how to handle them in the future. Our community at The Goodale School provides a backdrop for this model, as does our home city of Asheville, North Carolina, which is a thriving community, full of enriching opportunities and potential stressors. It resembles the places our students are from and the places to which they’ll return.

Treatment Teams
Upon enrollment, every student is assigned to a treatment team consisting of his therapist, his academic advisor and a mentor. After initial assessments and with student and parent input, the treatment team develops a recovery plan that details specific therapeutic, educational, recreational, spiritual, physical and social goals. 
The treatment team meets regularly to discuss the student’s progress toward his goals. The team shares insights and recommendations. They support the student as he works toward recovery, celebrating his successes and navigating challenges with him along the way. 
Mentors are professional staff who play an important role in the lives of students at The Goodale School, reinforcing the work that takes place in traditional therapeutic settings. Our mentors shape the residential experience for our students, not only making sure they are safe and well supervised 24 hours each day, seven days per week, but also acting as day-to-day coaches, advisors and guides. Students develop a unique bond with mentors as they spend time together during meals, chores, off-campus recreational outings, impromptu groups and more.

Many of our mentors have had similar life experiences to those of our students and are dedicated to helping them grow and learn while at The Goodale School. Our mentors are well-trained in strategies to engage students and are committed to helping students get the most from their daily experience at The Goodale School.

The Goodale School team is happy to speak with you to determine if our program is the right fit for your son or client. For information, please contact our Admissions Team at (828) 220-0040 or email [email protected].

75 Zillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801
The Goodale School is affiliated with Monarch, a leading statewide provider of services to thousands of people with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. The organization is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.
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