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How long will my son be at The Goodale School?

The Goodale School and Recovery Community expects an 8- to 12-month commitment from families. Our goal is to create a foundation for life-long recovery for your son. Experience has shown that students who actively engage in clinical support, participate fully in each phase of the program and graduate having completed it will do better in the long term than those who do not. 

While he is at The Goodale School, your son will learn a new way of life. He will gain new skills and discover what inspires him. He will regain lost academic ground and re-engage in learning. And he will develop positive habits that will replace destructive ones. This process takes time and a safe place to practice, fail and try again as he works to incorporate these new skills into his life. 

Your investment in The Goodale School, and your family’s commitment to seeing the program to completion, despite any challenges along the way, are important. They will allow your son the time and support he needs to succeed in the program and in long-term recovery.

Is The Goodale School licensed or accredited?

The Goodale School is licensed by the State of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services. Our academic program is accredited by Cognia, and all credits awarded are fully transferrable.

What kind of commitment do you expect from parents?

Parents’ involvement in the program is invaluable. We will update you regularly on your son’s progress and ask you for input on his treatment goals and strategies. At the same time, it will be important for you to do your own work – healing your own wounds, repairing your relationship with your son and learning how to support him in his recovery going forward.  

Our clinical team will provide support to your family through weekly family therapy sessions, parent support calls, parent workshops three times per year, webinars and other educational resources to help you understand and embrace your son’s recovery process. 

We also recommend that you seek support locally through Al-Anon or Families Anonymous groups and individual or couples therapy. We will make every effort to help you find an appropriate mental health provider in your area if you need assistance. 

My son has learning challenges. Can you accommodate him?

Yes. Because there is a strong correlation between substance use disorders and learning challenges, our academic program is designed to be flexible to accommodate each student’s learning profile. ​The Goodale School's Academic Director Alexis Allen has her Ph.D. in Special Education and is attuned to a variety of learning styles and needs. 

My son is uncertain of his sexual orientation. Will your program support him?

We feel strongly about supporting students in the exploration and development of their sexual identity, which we understand is a process of discovery, not choice. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the diversity of our staff and shared by the greater Asheville community. 

My son will turn 18 in a few months, does he still qualify?

Yes. Students can remain in our program after turning 18, but must be 17 upon enrollment.

Are there risks to running a recovery program in an urban setting? How do you keep students safe?

Many of our students do come to us following treatment in wilderness programs and attending a program in an urban setting does provide a different set of challenges. However, we believe the benefits outweigh the risks. The Goodale School’s setting more closely mirrors the communities to which most of our students will return and provides them the opportunity to develop real-life recovery skills that will serve them in the future.

To maximize student safety, we drug test our students at regular intervals, maintain at least a 1:5 staff member-to-student ratio during waking hours and we have awake, overnight staff who are backed up by on-call management. All staff members are trained in emergency and risk management protocols as required by our licensure.

Can my son come home for the holidays?

Our students’ safety and success in recovery is our priority. For many students, and especially for those who are new to the program, a home visit can undermine their progress in recovery. We want to make sure your student is truly ready for a visit and that you will have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

Do you accept insurance?

The Goodale School does not accept insurance. We encourage you to contact your insurance company for coverage and benefit information.

Is the tuition tax deductible?

Please speak with your accountant about whether you can deduct tuition as a medical expense.

The Goodale School team is happy to speak with you to determine if our program is the right fit for your son or client. For information, please contact our Admissions Team at (828) 220-0040 or email [email protected].

75 Zillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801
The Goodale School is affiliated with Monarch, a leading statewide provider of services to thousands of people with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. The organization is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.
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