For many of our students, school has always been a struggle because traditional instructional environments could not accommodate their learning needs. For others, academic challenges were a side effect of a substance use disorder. In either case, by the time they arrive at The Goodale School and Recovery Community, a private school for boys, our students have developed a negative association with school and limiting beliefs about themselves as students, both of which have likely been reinforced by their substance use and co-occurring disorders.
The academic program at The Goodale School is a critical component of the overall recovery experience. Our program is designed to support, engage, challenge and inspire all students. Our goal is to help them discover their talents, connect with course content and understand themselves as learners, while earning credits which will transfer toward high school graduation.
High School Diploma
We create an individualized academic plan for each student so he can fill in gaps and earn the credits he needs toward a high school diploma.
Teacher Support
Our 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom means there’s always room for lively discussion, and teachers have the freedom to check frequently for understanding and provide individual support where needed.
Real-World Skills
Students at The Goodale School develop important “how-to-learn” skills; when they leave, they have a clear understanding of their own learning needs and assets, as well as the confidence to advocate for themselves in future educational settings.
We recognize that each of our students is unique. They have different strengths, needs and interests as learners. To accommodate each student’s learning profile, we individually customize our instruction to help students gather and process information, think critically and creatively and demonstrate their learning and understanding.
Comprehensive assessments are critical to telling us how the student is performing, but also to help us, and him, understand how he learns best and where his interests lie. With that information and his input, we develop the academic component of his plan. Each student participates in establishing personal targets and timelines. He is asked to reflect on his progress on an ongoing basis, helping him take ownership of his academic progress.
The Goodale School teachers work with students one-on-one and in groups, tailoring their instruction and requirements to meet individual needs. We maintain a 1:7 teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom, occasionally supplementing additional support for students who are significantly behind in their studies.
Our year-round school consists of five nine-week "quarters," with week-long breaks interspersed throughout the year. Our core classes incorporate hands-on learning, problem solving and student-designed research projects that pave the way for students to think critically, make broader connections and apply their knowledge in personally meaningful ways. Classrooms are infused with humor, innovation, movement and music – all in an environment that encourages intellectual risk-taking.

The Goodale School team is happy to speak with you to determine if our program is the right fit for your son or client. For information, please contact our Admissions Team at (828) 220-0040 or email [email protected].

75 Zillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801
The Goodale School is affiliated with Monarch, a leading statewide provider of services to thousands of people with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. The organization is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.
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